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Polska Stulecie Odzyskania Niepodległości

Independence is in us!

How was celebrated at Kikół ...

The hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining independence has become an opportunity for many beautiful initiatives at the Primary School in Kikół. Young people took part in a nationwide campaign of singing the national anthem together. It took place on Friday, November 9, with the participation of invited guests. On this occasion, students also danced a polonaise and an arrangement with flags to Chopin's music.

On Sunday, November 11, a Mass for the Homeland was celebrated in a local church, during which young people presented themselves in a verbal and musical montage, introducing, among others, local heroes of the time.

After the Mass, flowers were laid at the heroes' monument in the center of Kikół and the people who died for the freedom of the homeland were paid tribute.

On Friday, November 16, there was a ceremonial evening in the auditorium, attended by numerous residents of our commune and many guests, including a descendant of the school's patron, Mr. Bernard Zboiński. The students presented the most important facts from the history of Poland in an artistic form, recreated the cultural life of the interwar period and moved the audience with patriotic poetry. The evening program was very rich

and diverse. In addition to words, it included dances, songs and a rich multimedia presentation. The whole was completed with a beautiful decoration. An important point of the celebration was singing patriotic songs together. The ceremony was filmed and posted on the Internet.

At school, on the occasion of the jubilee, a memorial room was opened, in which memorabilia of the past collected by teachers for many years and documents that will remind future generations of us, as CK Norwid wrote - "Past is today, just anything further "...

Renata Kilanowska

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