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The strength of the Primary School in Kikół is to provide students with comprehensive psychological and pedagogical care.
It is possible thanks to the multi-directional specialized teaching staff. The teachers include specialists in: oligophrenopedagogy, pedagogical therapy, speech therapy, neurologopedics, surdopedagogy, sociotherapy, compensatory and corrective gymnastics, special education, and career counseling.

At the school there are classes in: speech therapy, pedagogical therapy, surdopedagogy, oligophrenopedagogy, career counseling and sociotherapy. Exemplary cooperation with the Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center in Lipno is conducive to conducting psychological consultations, screening school maturity tests, tests in the field of career counseling, and educational lessons with the participation of a psychologist, sociotherapist or career counselor.
Each student in need of support, with an opinion or a decision from the counseling center, is covered by psychological and pedagogical assistance in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of National Education of April 30, 2013. The school also supports parents in directing, completing documents and arranging dates for children in the clinic. The school is in contact with the Children's and Youth Mental Health Clinic in Toruń, doctors of various specializations and the "Kurtyna" Theater from Krakow.
Several times a year on the school premises, actors present preventive performances concluded with a lecture on threats of various nature, including psychoactive addictions, computer addiction or cyberbullying, physical violence, intolerance, profanity, etc. For this purpose, preventive workshops are conducted for middle school students, and lectures on various risks are conducted for all students and parents. The speakers were specialists

from the Addiction Center in Toruń.
The above-mentioned forms for parents and parents were free of charge, covered by the funds of the Commune Office.

Educators and school educators try to support parents in the educational process of their children on an ongoing basis. They provide advice, sharing contacts to various centers, institutions and specialists.
The educators are in constant contact with the parents by phone.
Good cooperation with the Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center at the turn of the year made it possible to organize, for the first time, workshops at the school for parents at the Academy of Effective Parents, which were conducted by a PPP psychologist in Lipno.
Anyone interested could participate in the classes. The psychologist shared her experience and specific educational methods.
Workshops on "ADHD - what next?" Are planned for the next school year.

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