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Logo z okacji sześćdziesięciolecia Szkoły Podstawowej w Kikole

"Who is the happiest man?

One who respects the merits of others

And participates in their joys,

As if they were his own. "

. IW Goethe

Ladies and gentlemen !

Dear Graduates, Guests,

Students and honorable Donors


Thank you very much for your presence in such an important event for the school and for all help provided in time

Jubilee of the 60th anniversary of the school in Kikół .


Organizing committee with the school management


  "Sixty-year-old Jubilatka" - an account by Renata Kilanowska   

We invite you to watch the photo report from the ceremony


Naciśnij przycisk

1957 - 2017

Zdjęcie Szkoły Podstawowej w Kikole

J ubileusznbsp; 60 - anniversary

Primary school

them. Ignacy Antoni Zboiński in Kikół

June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 11:00 in the sports hall

at the School Complex in Kikół.


Management, teaching staff

and the student community

They cordially invite graduates, students, parents and supporters of the school

for jubilee celebrations.


Celebration program:

1. Welcome.

2. Outline of the history of the Primary School in Kikół - lecture

Krzysztof Kuczkowski, MA.

3. "On the 20th anniversary of granting the school's standard

and the name of IA Zboiński "- presentation by Józef Myszkowski .

4. Artistic part performed by school students.

5. Memories at the school microphone - leading E. Głusińska - Pole .

6. Katarzyna Pawłowska's vocal concert.

7. Occasional exhibitions, meetings with friends, a cafe.


Free entrance!





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