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Zdjęcie Ignacego Antoniego Zboińskiego

Ignacy Antoni Zboiński

was born in 1715. His father was Franciszek - the royal court hunter, his mother was Agnieszka Karnkowska, the castellan of Wyszogród. After his father's death, he took over the Kikol estate. He began his brilliant political career by serving as the Dobrzyń carpenter in the years 1745-1752. Later he was promoted to the Dobrzyński ensign (1752-1756). He held the office of the Płock castellan from 1756. On April 11, 1791 he was appointed voivode of Płock. Apart from the estate in Kikół, Ignacy Antoni owned 12 villages: Radziochy with Rumunkami, Grodzień, Ciełuchowo, Gołuchowo, Korzyczewo, Wolęcin, and Lubin. Lubinek with a mill, Wildno, Radomice and Kretki Wielkie. Zboiński had special considerations for the Kikolian estate.

As a Dobrzyń carpenter, he applied for permission from August III to locate the town in Kikół. On the site of the former manor house, he erected a classicist palace in 1790, which became his seat.

Zdjęcie pałacu w Kikole

In the Dobrzyń region he was known as a church collector. In 1778 he financed the construction of the presbytery and renovation of the church of the Bernardine Fathers in Skępe. In 1778 he built a branch church in Grodzień. He was a Knight of the Orders of the White Eagle and St. Stanislaus, elite decorations awarded for special services to the Fatherland. Ignacy Antoni married Salomea Karśnicka, daughter of Konstanty and Zofia Dereszniakówna. He had sons: Franciszek Ksawery and Jan Nepomucen. The last voivode of Płock died in Kikół on February 24, 1796. He was buried in the church of the Bernardine Fathers in Skepe. The fact that he had his heart buried in the doorstep of the local temple, built in 1791 by his son Franciszek Ksawery, proves his strong attachment to the Kikol goods. The Zboiński epitaph located in the church of the Bernardine Fathers in Skępe.

It was a great experience for the school community to give the school the name of Ignacy Antoni Zboiński in 1997. It allowed the school to adopt the main direction of educational activities - immersion in the heritage of tradition and culture of the Dobrzyń region.

24/11/2017 during the celebrations related to the 20th anniversary of naming the name and the banner, the School was honored with the PRO PATRIA Medal.

Zdjęcie - Epitafium Zboińskich znajdujące się w kościele Ojców Bernardynów w Skępem
Zdjęcie sztandaru oznaczonego medalem Pro Patria w dwudziestą rocznicę nadania imienia i sztandaru szkole.
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